Quality Policy

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Alba Facilities Services Limited is an all trades facilities organization, specialising in the maintenance, installation and improvement upgrade of commercial, public and private properties and buildings. At Alba Facilities Services (AFS) we understand that every business is different and as a result we deliver tailored maintenance plans to meet the requirements of our customers coupled with a comprehensive emergency response service. We have a strict policy not to miss sell or oversell to customers, but ensure that we always supply the best fit for the client in terms of technical reasoning and pricing.
Our Quality Policy is based on understanding customer needs and striving to provide high quality
product and services, which meet or exceed our customer’s expectations. Alba Facilities Services Ltd
shall deliver its services in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2008 standard for quality management
systems. This will assist in maintaining high levels of quality and service offered to our customers, whilst
also improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our internal business processes. We supplement this policy by
setting business objectives that measure the continual improvement of business performance and improving
customer satisfaction. Objectives are set by senior management and reviewed at planned intervals. The fulfilment of policy and its objectives requires the involvement and commitment of all staff. To this end,
Alba Facilities Services Ltd provides and manages the resources necessary to deliver our objectives to provide a safe and suitable work environment for our employees. This policy will be communicated to all employees, reviewed annually and made available to the public on request.

Environmental Policy

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Alba Facilities Services Ltd shall deliver its services in accordance with the ISO 14001: 2004 standard for environmental management systems in a responsible manner, reducing its impact of its operations on the environment, where possible. This commitment covers all aspects of the company’s operations. To achieve this aim and to demonstrate continual improvement, Alba FS Ltd will routinely identify, monitor and address its’ environmental impacts by setting and meeting the following objectives:

  • Fully identifying and complying with relevant legal and other requirements, implementing industry best practice where possible.
  • Developing, revising and improving, where practical, processes and procedures to ensure environmental risks are reduced and best practice is adopted.
  • Fostering the commitment of all management and staff towards improving the environmental performance of the business.
  • Encouraging the adoption of similar environmental standards from all stakeholders involved in our business.
  • Ensuring staff are kept abreast of current environmental issues and initiatives through training and regular communications.
  • Reducing, reusing and recycling materials and resources where possible.
  • Seeking to prevent pollution through effective control of emissions to air, water and land, waste management, raw materials and natural resources.

Alba FS Ltd will ensure all aspects of the Environmental Management System, including this policy and associated objectives and targets are regularly reviewed and effectively implemented. This policy statement is communicated to all employees and supply chain partners.